Valerie CarbaughValerie grew up on a dairy farm just outside of Hagerstown, Maryland. Thanks to her parents and farm life, she was taught at an early age to love Jesus and work hard. Now a twenty-something with a heart for people and a passion for global missions, Valerie looks for adventures and Holy Spirit moments in everyday life.

Less than a year after Valerie’s high school graduation, God called her to global ministry. Saying “yes” to His call would change her life forever. Stepping out of her comfort zone, she went on a three month missions trip to Greece. During that time, her eyes were opened to the joys and struggles that people face every day in other countries. Before leaving the nation of Greece, she committed to continue saying “YES” to God, wherever He should send her. Valerie believes in using her talents to serve Christ and is passionate about photographing the people of the Nations in a way that accurately portrays their beauty without masking their pain.

In 2014, God opened a door to be able to fulfill her calling to missions and ministry through FCF. Valerie has been involved with FCF’s various ministries over the years, but now enjoys serving FCF as Secretary.

When Valerie is not working or traveling around the world, you can probably find her with a camera or book in her hands, laughing at something silly, or spending time with friends and family.