Switchback Student Ministries is a ministry of Faith Christian Fellowship and is for students in grades 6-12.  The student ministry is made up of students from all walks of life and backgrounds with two purposes:  To love God and to love people.  Everything we do as a ministry is geared towards helping others develop a deeper sense of who God is and then living out that relationship in a relevant way to everyone we come in contact with.

We chose the name, “Switchback Student Ministries” because of the path of life.  A switchback is a trail that is carved into a mountain for the purpose of all who ascend the mountain to follow for safety and to give direction on how to make it to the summit.  There are some when hiking who choose to “trailblaze” and get off the switchback and make their own path.  This same premise applies to our spiritual lives…we try to do everything our way rather than follow God’s way.  We become upset, angry and bitter towards God because we feel as though He has left us, when in reality it is us who have left “the trail.”

Switchback Student Ministries Gatherings:

9:15am Sunday Mornings: Education Hour   Switchback’s Sunday morning educational hour begins with a brief time of fellowship followed by the lesson lesson.  Classes are available for grades Junior High (6-8th Grades) and Senior High (9-12th Grades).  The Junior High is studying the Gospel Project.  The Senior High is doing topical studies.  Our goal for this education hour is to reintroduce topics that students have more than likely already heard, but convey them in a way that students can place their trust in God to make an eternal change in them. We often say in Switchback, these things seem redundant, and there is a reason for that. Although we know things, have we applied them, and do we live them?  During the 10:15am service, we invite students to sit together in the Switchback Student Section or with their family.  We have seen this section bring great continuity in the ministry as well as with the church body as a whole.

6pm Monday Evenings:  Senior High Home Groups  Students in Grades 9-12 are invited to join on Monday evening to get into the Word and are open to being asked hard questions. Students will wrestle with scripture and seek truth!  The gentlemen meet at FCF and the Ladies meet at a Leader’s Home.  For more information, contact the church office at 301-223-4803.

6pm – Wednesday Evenings   Students in Grades 6-12 meet together for a time of fellowship, games, announcements and then divide by age group (6-8th and 9-12th Grades) for lesson time.

Other Activities Include—Camping Trips, Retreats, Service Projects, Amusement Parks and a variety of other activities throughout the year.