In 2013, our first Impact Team went to Uganda under the leadership of Horizon International.  The first trip in 2013 involved teaching a group of 25 pastors, holding a pastors’ conference in Kasese, and ministering to children orphaned through the AIDS pandemic in Africa.

In 2013, we started our Hearts Across Borders sponsorship of AIDS orphans through Horizon International.  Horizon serves AIDS orphans.  During our first trip we also met with Pastor Joel Mwesiga who has a ministry to deaf children in Kampala.  Pastor Dave Glaze met Horizon’s Mission team leader, Doug Erghott, in one of his first trips to Nicaragua and has developed a long-term relationship.

In 2014, The Kuyasa Kids Choir performed during services at Faith Christian Fellowship, resulting in our church sponsoring 30 orphans in Rugendubara.  Since then, we have sent a team to the village of Rugendubara to minister to those children.

In 2015, Faith Christian Fellowship donated $25000 to Horizon International to secure property, where a desperately needed school will eventually be built.

2016 Impact Team Ministry Plans

This year’s Uganda team will minister to the children in Rugendubara through Vacation Bible School and help with much needed construction of the school where many of the orphans attend that our church members sponsor through Heart Across Borders/Horizon International. The trip will include a day trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park on safari.

Ministry News – Uganda

Flag of Uganda


Country Facts

Capitol: Kampala

Population: 34.75 Million

Median Age: 15.5 years


Protestant: 42%
Roman Catholic: 41.9%
Muslim: 12.1
Other: 3.1%
None: .9%

Electricity – 220v/50Hz (British type B plug)


Photo Album – Uganda