Karen Hoagland

Karen was introduced to the Lord first as a child in Sunday school, then later as a teenager she trusted him as her Savior through Young Life.  As an adult, Karen re-committed her life to Christ in October of 1991.  Although she was born in Hagerstown, she spent many years in the DC Metro area where she met her husband Paul, and they started their family.  In 1999, they moved back home to the Hagerstown area.  Paul and Karen have 3 children; Katherine, Lesley and James, and are the grandparents of 2, soon-to-be 3, amazing grandchildren.  Karen has proudly held the title of Stay-at-Home and Homeschool Mom almost exclusively for the past 26 years.

Karen’s interest in broadcasting in her teens led her to study Television Production and Broadcast Engineering, and at 18 she landed her first job in that field.  Throughout her career she enjoyed using her skills and talents working in both television and radio.  Her passion for audio/visual has had her serving in tech ministries in churches since 1992.  Karen joined the staff of FCF in October of 2012 as Creative Media Director.  Her mission for the Creative Media Ministry is to “Share the Word, Into the World” by use of modern technology.  Through live streaming, recording and online archiving of Sunday sermons, producing video promos for upcoming series and events, FCF Creative Media is taking down the building’s walls to reach the community and world with the message and vision of FCF.

In her spare time she enjoys fishing, target shooting, gardening, varied artistic outlets, DIY projects, learning, relaxing, treasure hunting and spending time with the Lord and her family.

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