Overflow – Week 1

The subject of money is being ignored in the Church today. The Bible talks often about money. Why do churches avoid it? In many cases, churches fear alienating those who could react with claims of legalism, personal invasion, manipulation, or abuse. Unfortunately, we now have a new problem. The silence has diminished our exposure and…


Your response to the first sermon in our Vineyard sermon series was overwhelming. What a year we have ahead of us if we grow daily in the discipline of abiding in Christ—bushels and bushels of fruit! To help us abide, during the weeks between Sunday messages, I want to offer a reading tool. This year,…

Vineyard – Abide

Abide The Bible describes important characteristics of our spiritual lives through the imagery of a vineyard. The foundational principle, found in John 15, is that of abiding, as in the relationship between a vine and its branches. From there, may the Holy Spirit guide us through Scripture that we might bear the fruit God desires.