One Another – Week 2

Admonish One Another – Let’s begin with the most unloving thing we can do…Admonish (correction)!
What does Paul mean when he uses the expression teaching and admonishing one another? (Col 3.16) Is it loving to admonish (correct) one another?
Listen this week to learn more about what the Bible teaches on this concept of teaching and admonishing one another.

Blessed Summer – Week 8

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.

Our world is desperate for peacemaking people. For  Jesus’ Jewish audience, the implications of His words are both national and personal. Their desire for a perfect kingdom would definitely be fulfilled. For years, Israel had failed to fulfill its mission to mediate peace between God and men. Israel’s Messiah will win the peace and call for His followers to reflect His heart of peace and once again gain the title “sons of God.”  Personally, the challenge is just as difficult. Brothers and sisters deal righteously with hurts and frustrations toward each other. “Enemies” even receive unexpected treatment. Jesus calls each of us to initiate the process of reconciliation. Initiating peace is Christ-like and not beyond us as His followers.


Blessed Summer – Week 5

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. Matt 5:6

How often do we hear the following statement?: “I am starving!” Kids, for instance, use the expression all the time. It is common, but misplaced.

So few of us really know the feeling of starvation. Nevertheless, Jesus’ words are simply relevant. Food and water are so basic to our daily survival. When viewed through that lens, an appetite for the righteousness of God is Jesus’ deeper point. The analogous promise is just as clear. Satisfaction! The purity of justice that will come at the Kingdom reign of Christ is pictured in this Beatitude. It requires eyes of faith to believe with confidence that it is coming and to not be too quickly satisfied with the lesser options.

Blessed Summer – Week 4

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Matt 5:5

Surely we know this by now…meekness and weakness sound alike but are not interchangeable. Meekness speaks of control not strength. Or, to say it even more accurately, meekness describes a willingness to surrender control. Sometimes words become unreliable. They are treated carelessly and take on imprecise meaning in lazy usage. Do not be fooled with this one. Not only does meekness bring reward (Matt 5:5) and reflect the character of Jesus (Matt. 11:29), it shows God that we are happiest when we yield to Him completely. That, in turn, blesses Him.